Energy Industry Working paper series

The Energy Industry working paper series is under the direction of Apostolos Serletis, Director of the Energy Industry group. The group is hosted by the International Center for Emerging Markets Research at RUDN University–Moscow in cooperation with its Scientific Director, Bruno S. Sergi, at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University and the University of Messina. Authors of papers in the working paper series are fellows of the Energy Industry group.

EI/No.1/September 2017: “A Century of Interfuel Substitution,” by Nurul Hossain and Apostolos Serletis

EI/No.2/May 2018: “ The Global Crude Oil Market and Biofuel Agricultural Commodity Prices,” by Ali Jadidzadeh and Apostolos Serletis

EI/No.3/December 2018: “Convergence of European natural gas prices,” by Andrea Bastianin, Marzio Galeotti, and Michele Polo

EI/No.4/January 2019: “Business Cycles and Hydrocarbon Gas Liquids Prices,” by Sayeeda Jahan and Apostolos Serletis

EI/No.5/March 2019: “Oil Prices and the Stock Markets: Evidence from High Frequency Data” by Sajjadur Rahman and Apostolos Serletis

EI/No.6/November 2019: “Oil Prices Shocks and the Russian Economy” by Svetlana Balashova and Apostolos Serletis

EI/No.7/March 2020: “Oil Price Shocks in Major Emerging Economies” by Nahiyan Faisal Azad and Apostolos Serletis

EI/No.8/March 2020: “Biofuel Substitution in the U.S. Transportation Sector” by A K M Nurul Hossain and Apostolos Serletis