Energy industry

Objectives and Activities:

 Major changes are taking place in the global energy scene in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and Great Recession. The recent use of improved hydraulic fracturing techniques and horizontal drilling for crude oil and natural gas, the Fukushima disaster in Japan, and the changing energy and climate debate, pose new threats and challenges to governments and countries around the world.

The primary objective of the Energy Industry program at RUDN-Moscow is to advance inquiry regarding a large number of topical issues such as, for example, how fracking and the changing energy producer landscape are opening out big prospects for some countries while posing significant challenges to traditional suppliers, and how increased energy efficiency in Europe and North America, and increased energy demand in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, will form the new energy and climate scene.

The program’s research initiatives are designed to advance our understanding of new technologies in energy consumption and production, new energy transportation patterns, the latest prospects for transforming primary energy into electricity, as well as the latest prospects for carbon capture and storage, electricity storage, nuclear power, and other frontier technologies.

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