Economic policy, regulation and growth

EPRG serves as a principal platform for theoretical, empirical and interdisciplinary research on economic policies, government regulations and economic growth. While EPRG’s primary focus is on emerging economies, interplay between emerging and advanced economies (e.g., convergence, international trade, and cross-border capital flow) is also on EPRG’s research agenda. EPRG encourages high-quality collaborative research on economic policies at both micro and macro levels, economic impacts of regulations and deregulations, growth and income distribution, neo-classical and endogenous growth models, political economy, technological change, migration, international trade and finance, financial systems, and business cycles. Research coming from EPRG offers not only academic contributions but also practical solutions to economic problems, such as unemployment, poverty, trade imbalances, financial crisis, corruption, and pollution, faced by practitioners and policy makers in emerging economies.

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