Dolly Amaya


Dolly Amaya, Founder of Harvard Extension Entrepreneurship Association and former Vice-President of the Harvard Graduate Council also served concurrently as the Chair of several Harvard Leadership Conferences. Dolly operates two successful enterprises: A Financial Learning Center as a World Financial Group Financial Agent with TransAmerica and a social enterprise established for the purpose of stabilizing and revitalizing communities through the vehicle of financial literacy while providing youth leaders opportunities in entrepreneurship.

In 2003 Dolly found her own successful Financial brokerage, Real Financing & Investment Corporation; a financing and real estate firm. Despite the real estate market’s recent perils, her firm has not only survived but thrived, driven, as she is driven, by twin commitments: to gaining expertise in select niches of the business and to sharing information and access to the opportunities and benefits available to her community offered by real estate. The firm has attain a number of accomplishments including becoming #1 seller of short sales residential properties in two consecutive years and becoming a preferred Broker to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and of Housing Urban Development (HUD). Always driven to create, while attending Harvard University as a Graduate student, Dolly has already opened a branch in Massachusetts and has added other branches in GA, FL, and TX.

As a graduate student she has actively involved herself in a range of Harvard-wide activities and has led over thirty different events that intertwined themes around her three passions: Education, Entrepreneurship, and Social Change. Dolly is inspired by helping others and by leaving a positive legacy; teaching, voluntarism, and mentorship stand integral to her life. “My mission in life is to grow personally, professionally, and intellectually by empowering myself and others to achieve financial freedom, all the while recognizing that by giving our highest gifts to the world we can fulfill our most meaningful personal goals in life.” Dolly’s mission finds itself given expression in World Financial Group’ vision and goals.

Fully to list Dolly’s professional, community, and academic activities and accomplishments would not only be out of character but would overstep the space limitations given here. A hint at the range of her capacities, and of the ways she has been recognized by others, may be gathered from her being named “Ten Who Make a Difference, KTTC-TV Channel 10, Rochester, Minnesota; Winner of the International Diversity award, and graduated as a Summa Cum Lade while attaining two degrees.